Vision - Mission

Sarvaguna Kitchen is a social business that,

  1. delivers good, healthy, sustainable food to public/private institutions where mass of consumers eat food
  2. brings awareness for good, healthy, sustainable food in consumers that is local, farm to the table food
  3. hosts social gastronomy movement (SGM) hub in Nepal, and invites and collaborates with other institutions to join the movement, as well as offers vocational education and training and offer jobs to underprivileged and marginalized

Simultaneously to its business model of serving healthy diets to public and private institutions with mass consumers, it has two legs as social mission of organizing Awareness Events and Vocational Education and Training on the topics of good food in collaboration with its partners. 

Concept Video


Awareness Events

What is Good Food?

Our "Good Food" awareness initiative.

Sarvaguna targets awareness events specially to schools and students. 

School Meals

We cook & cater locally sourced, healthy & nutritious meals to schools. 

Hospital Meals

Sarvaguna caters hospital meals focusing on three dietary and nutritional needs:
- patients who are nutritionally vulnerable

 - nutritionally well patients

- out-patients and visitors of hospitals